Obsolete Stress And Stress Management

Obsolete Stress And Stress ManagementObsolete stress is no longer useful or available when a person dies. That is correct, as stress plays a large role in our lives, you can never finish stress permanently. Understanding stress can help us to manage stress symptoms.

We know that stress can creep in at any time, if we have a busy schedule. There is not one day in a lifetime that does not present stressors that instigate stress, so instead of thinking obsolete learn to manage stress.

Making A List of Tasks

If you have, a busy schedule and feel like the world is tumbling down on your shoulders you might want to review your demands. If you make a list of tasks and mark them off handling each task one by one then you can reduce stress since after the first task the rest is often easier.

Lists provide us an inclination, a craving to listen and a master plan. The list will remind us that we have responsibilities. Therefore, lists can help us to stay focused. If our mind is cluttered it increases our chance of meeting overwhelming stress.

Eliminating Expectations from the List

While eliminating expectations, the list can help us to focus. When people expect more of us than we can handle, or when we expect more of our self than we can deal with it often increases stress.

Stress may not hit at the moment, but somewhere down the road, you will break if you are overwhelmed with expectations. The world is a crazy place to live, since everyone expects us to act in comparison and uphold the same beliefs as the mass.

Therefore, we already have impractical demands so why add to the list of expectations. Now that we have an understanding about lists and how lists can benefit us, we can move forward and learn a few helpful tips to cope with stress.


Fear is our master. Fear becomes the master when we allow fear to control our lives. We allow fear to take control by failing to see clearly. Fear is healthy when we learn that fear is respect or a profound awe toward a particular danger.

If you can fear as a stressor, you can then examine your mind searching for any fears that determines your coping capabilities to manage stress. You may be able to manage stress now but if you do not check up your self and weed out the fears then you will endure stressful circumstances in your future.

Using Subconscious Mind To Eliminate Fear

Learning how to use your subconscious mind and understand it is one of the best methods for locating fears is to. The subconscious mind is where your fears are often hidden blinding your conscious mind of the information available to help you cope with stress.

The subconscious mind is the mental activities and is the point a psychological or physiological result develops. Underneath this powerful source is a wealth of information waiting to explode.

Our stress level increases, when the subconscious mind is ignored and misunderstood. If you are ready to learn a method that can help, you get in touch with your subconscious mind to learn about your fears (stressor) then have a sit in a comfortable area of the room.

Close your eyes and then take a few deep breaths to relax your nerves. If you are feeling anxious, tension, pressure, or aggravating does not start the method yet. It is important to get your body and mind totally relaxed before starting the stress management method.

If you are still stressed, then practice a few stretching exercises to relieve your tension. After you are relaxed, you can return to your comfortable area, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and vision yourself in an open room.



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