Top 7 Ways for New Moms to De-Stress

“Time” becomes a valuable commodity when you become a new mom. The days will go stressful, tiring, busy and hectic as you now have the “huge” responsibility of a baby who will be depending on you completely for everything; if its twins all the strain is doubled.

In all probabilities, you haven’t slept more than two hours for the past few months, you also must not have taken a thorough shower and coffee breaks must have been adjusted while doing the other house chores – getting frustrated and stressed out is quite normal for new moms!  However, you need to come out of this or else the child will not get the complete care as motherhood can only be fulfilling if you are doing it with love and not burdened. Here is a list of ways that can be executed by new moms to de-stress–

ways for new moms to de-stress

Exercise Regularly

This is the best option to distress your-self. It is not essential that you need to exercise early morning, you can even take the baby for a stroll in the park, let it play and do your free hand stretches aside. Simple walking and jogging in your apartment premises with the baby in the pram is a good idea for moms who have new born kids.

Start Yoga Sessions

Join a group or weekly Yoga sessions. Post natal Yoga classes are immensely helpful to regain your shape, agility and boost your energy levels. By lowering your stress levels, simple yoga asanas can rejuvenate you anytime. The small baby nap duration would be perfect to practice those asanas at home every day. Simple breathing exercises help to relieve stress.

Make Time for Bubble Baths

Taking a proper shower is quite a luxury when you are new mom, leave alone bubble baths! But, experts have stated that pampering yourself is a great stress buster. Bubble baths with few drops of calming essential oils will do magic to your mood. Get someone on duty for the little one, and slip into the lukewarm water pool in your bath to feel the rejuvenation. Do this before bedtime preferably.

Go Out and Spend Time

Indoors do become a compulsion after you have a small kid as often it is not possible to take the baby everywhere. In this way your social life, friends, fun, and enjoyment would cut down eventually. Don’t let this happen as this is the key way from where frustration enters. Try to get at least 2 hours for yourself in the outdoors twice a week. Even if that is impossible, let the baby sleep early morning and you step out in the garden to take in fresh air and spend some time with nature and chirping birds. Do this for 10 minutes every day and see how fresh it feels!

Take Help

It is manually impossible to handle each and every details of house and baby care in one set of hands. Call your relatives and ask them to stay with you for some weeks; you can also ask your parents or any cousin who is free to lend a hand. Even if weeks are not possible, a day or two would be good to get relief. Call them over the weekend and plan your day accordingly with husband, or friends.

Write Out

Maintaining a baby diary is a lovely habit; but stressed out moms can take up this habit to get some stress out on the papers. Write down all your feelings, wishes and routine whenever you get time. Most of the pages will have almost same regime and information as probably you would not have energy for innovative writing, but nevertheless you will feel light as the inner words come out. Make sure to destroy the diary if it has any negative feelings about the child or motherhood – remember they were all written out of frustration and pressure.

Sleep Whenever Possible

Taking short naps along with the child is a great idea to regain lost energy. Forget about the kitchen mess, dirty clothes, and dusting to be done, just sleep for an hour and see the difference. Once you feel better after the nap, you chores will be done more systematically.

Do not take unnecessary stress about the health and development of the child, rely on your doctor for the best information and remain stress free. Talk to senior mothers and take helpful tips on how they handled these crucial years. Try to teach the child easy things as early as possible like chewing food, holding the sipper and toilet training. The faster you are able to train the child the easier the task will get for you.


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