Multiple Personality Disorder Stress

The marketplace is soaked with helpful tips to prevent stress. There are many articles, reports, and reports available offering us tools to cope with stress and reduce stressors.

The problem is the general subjects speak only for the so-called normal society, mentally ill in certain ranges and medically ill. What about the patients diagnosed with MPD-Multiple Personality Disorders?

Effects of Multiple Personality Disorder

Since stressors and stress can cause the person to alter, multiple personality disorder requires particular methods. Amnesia takes control and another personality takes the spot when the person alters.

As you can see this person will have extreme difficulty, following a particular set of stress management techniques, since amnesia is the main symptom and all the personalities have a different life, including thoughts, behaviors, friends and so forth.

The mind of alters are often brilliant individuals that have been hurt beyond the capacity that one human being could take. These people had to create a tool or mechanism to help them survive.

Breathing Techniques

Therefore, we can toss out the breathing techniques, since most of the personalities will consider themselves as extraordinary and beyond human. This means they do not always be familiar with that they are human beings, since all of these types were dehumanized beyond reality.

Since we are dealing with more than one person in one body, it is next to impossible to set up a stress management scheme that will work for this diagnose. The person probably already has a degree of exercise set up in their life, since some of the alters like to dance, while others may lift weights.


We require setting up techniques that can keep the individual on a routine diet that provides healthful nutrition. Dieting plans can benefit this person immensely, since diet plays a large role in our medical and mental state.

This particular diagnose often endures timeframes where anorexia and bulimia take control of the person on the spot. We also need stress management techniques that helps the person prevent triggers that forces amnesia and this causes changing to take place.

Multiple Personality Disorder patients often have special gifts including sharing pain, sixth senses, and other capabilities beyond normal that creates a measurable amount of stress.

Since most are unaware of what they do or say when altering takes place, it is vital that people with this diagnose set up a routine sleeping habit. It is important that each personality hear the stress management techniques to help them find a source of relief.

In most cases, if a therapist tells the personality how to do something they generally comply. Integration eventually must take place for this type to enjoying a peaceful life.

It is also significant to help the patient see that they are now safe and ask them to repeat this daily. We need a stress management method that also helps the patient to build their memories and this will need careful consideration, since these patients are survivors of prolonged abuse and neglect.

As you can see stress, management is blown away when you consider Multiple Personality Disorders. It is often hard for these types since very little help is obtainable to them.

Unfortunately, shallow minded individuals soak the system and more than not distrust this diagnose exists. However, these people will reach out quicker than anyone of the so-called normal to find help to relieve their symptoms and stress.

Stress and stressors are the leading cause that interrupts these peoples life. Therefore, it is more vital that these people are treated by a qualified counselor and prevent medicating these people since it often causes more harm than good.

Only an inexperienced therapist will try to induce medications on these people. Therefore, we see that stress management schemes with medications included do not work here.



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