Is It Possible To Handle Stress With Sensory Perceptions?

Stress Management with Sensory PerceptionsIt may start with an eyestrain related headache brought on by hours watch at a monitor.

Or you might experience pain after spending an hour or more with a telephone receiver cradled in your neckline.

After nearly eight hours standing up, your feet might be painful.

Your pains, however, appear to be exacerbated by stress. Stress can marked itself in a number of physical ways.

Earaches, abdominal pain, Headaches, an itchy in our arms and legs, and sickness can all be cryptogram of stress.

In other words, the pressures that we are under can make us physically unwell. As a result, it’s not startling that we would seek a physical relief from stress.

Sense: Many people battle stress by engaging their sense of touch

One of the best ways to deal with stress is to spoil your senses. Our senses are like our personal radar detectors, letting us know when we are nearing something that is inherently good.

Therefore, it is important that we surround ourselves with things that will plea to our senses.

First, pamper your eyes. This can be done in any number of ways. For example, you might make sure that you arise early enough to see the sun rise on a summer day.

The joy and peace you feel gazing at the wonderful colors can greatly reduce the amount of stress you feel during the course of your day.

You might also watch videotape that features a tour to some foreign locale. Drinking in the palm trees and the ocean waves can calm your nerves significantly. You might also consider a trip to your local zoo.

There, you can witness first-hand the splendor of various animal species, from the with stripes zebras to the dotted leopards. Next, consider making a “sound escape.” move away to your garden, sit in the grass, close your eyes, and listen.

It’s best to do this early in the morning or late at night, when there is not a great deal of activity around. You may hear the songs of robins…the buzz of the cicadas… or the purr of a kitten.

Such nature sounds are incredibly calming and can provide you with a great escape from your normal routine. You might even consider keeping a CD in your home of nature sounds that you can play when you feel as if you’re at the breaking point.

Nowadays, Aromatherapy is a favorite relaxation technique. This involves treating your nose to exquisite scents. Scented candles incense, or scented oils can help to settle down your living space, creating a calming ambiance.

Even though, air fresheners can also be quite effective in re-awakening your sense of smell. Or you might consider cooking with ingredients that have incredible scents and allowing the smell to overpower your kitchen.

There is nothing quite as reassuring as the smell of fresh bread baking or tomato-basil sauce simmering on the stove. When trying to de-stress, don’t forget to spoil your sense of taste.

While you won’t want to eat so much that you become overweight, enjoying a few taste sensations can be good for both stomach and soul. Consider adding some fresh mint to your iced tea, or adding a lime wedge to your cola drink.

A sliver of chocolate or a taste of vanilla has also been known to help calm tattered nerves. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tastes until you settle upon those that are true stress-relievers.

Many people combat stress by engaging their sense of touch. It is no surprise that mothers-to-be often take up knitting-the sensation of tugging at the thread can be quite relaxing at a stressful time.

You might also consider taking up needlepoint, crocheting, or pottery making. Such activities have the added bonus of allowing you to show off your creative style. And you can fill your home with the beautiful art objects you are able to create.

You’ll feel a sense of pride that will raise your spirits-and will make you better able to deal with stressful situations. Every day, stress tries our senses. It can haze our vision, disrupt our hearing, and dull our sense of taste.

The clear remedy to this is to introduce things into our lives that engage our senses in a positive way, that brighten our day. Such things can seem minor, but they can make an enormous difference in how we are able to handle stress.



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