How To Implement Color Therapy Principles In Your Work Place?

There may be much number of stressors at work: you may have a problem with a coworker, there may be deadlines to meet, it may be extremely challenging balancing work as well as home and sometimes the juggling act may get too much; sometimes it may be something as unreasonable as just not liking your boss’s face!

Whatever be the problem at work, it is possible to incorporate certain principles of color therapy at the work place, in order to lessen the impact of those stresses, to calm you down and better enable you to deal with those stresses. The following colors may be of assistance for you at the work place:

color therapyThe color red in the workplace: For those who have personal problems or are dealing with emotional difficulties, red is the recommended color.

Red is thought to symbolize the root chakra so that it imparts courage and strength to deal with situations.

If depression or lethargy is a problem at work, red colored artifacts and objects around you may give confidence, and improve alertness.

The color orange in the workplace: If you are feeling trepidation at the thought of giving that presentation or have a meeting you are not looking forward to, then a splash of orange may make you feel better. The friendly color, orange can help to make you feel more optimistic and creative as well as resolute.

The color yellow in the workplace: The brightest color of the spectrum, yellow will lighten those boring work days. It will stimulate the brain to be more creative and be more of a problem solver, while putting you in a more positive frame of mind.

The color blue in the workplace: It can happen sometimes in office that one may become the victim of office politics; that one may not be recognised for their abilities and efforts put in. In order to clear things with superiors you may find that a touch of blue such as a blue vase may be the thing to give you confidence and minimize negative energies.

The color indigo in the workplace: Indigo is said to be the color of intuition so if you have the kind of job that requires you to follow your gut instant splashes of this color could be beneficial. Your intuitive skills are seen to get help with indigo, which is also thought to improve stability of the mind and keep high blood pressure in check.



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