Change Your Attitude – Fight Stress

stress5Stress is one of the worst parts of life. Stress comes when you feel like you’re getting ahead. Stress kicks you while you’re down.

Stress robs you of your energy and creates all sorts of illnesses. You are more likely to get sick when stressed.

You are less likely to find happiness when stressed. Stress shortens your lifespan and dulls your senses to the experiences that you could be enjoying. [How to find happiness]

There are many ways to fight stress such as exercising, improving your diet, and getting adequate sleep. But much of the battle over stress can be won only if you approach the struggles in your life with the right attitude.

Accept that you do not know

We really do not know as much as we think we do. There are likely more thoughts in one head than there are stars in the sky. Every individual only has a tiny fraction of the sum total of knowledge in this world.

Even if we were able to read, study and learn full-time, our memory would give out. But instead of accepting the fact that we do not know, we strain our brains for the answer to the most challenging questions in our lives. But who said there’s anything wrong with telling the truth and simply saying “I don’t know.”

Happiness should trump success

Sure, success feels good. But we do not pursue success because we are involuntarily drawn to it by a magnet. We pursue success because we want to feel happy.

Happiness is the end goal of life. If your happiness is suffering in the face of your pursuit for success, you are missing the point. Scale back your number of projects and find some happiness that is not dependent on successes.

Give yourself one hour each day

No matter what, give yourself an hour of time off everyday. Do something fun. Take care of your health. Talk to someone you care about. Do nothing! Do not forget to replenish yourself.

If you feel bad about doing nothing, remember that you will get more done when you return to your work.

Remember your dreams

This includes both your highest goals and your literal dreams. Though you might find yourself simply striving to get by, remember the goals that you set before you dived head first into the world of work. [Achieving personal goals]

We live for dreams, not for work. If your dream is to travel the world, keep that in mind and try to push your life in that direction. Stress is more manageable when you realize that your passions are at the end of the winding path.

Get stressors out of your life

Cut back on your workload if possible. Cut back on your expenses. Get rid of unhealthy relationships. There are plenty of things in your life that can probably go. If you have to, remove one dream from your list so that you can pursue more important dreams.

Imagine the future

See yourself in 20 years. Are you still an expendable worker-bee or are you in upper management? Are you retired yet? Have you finally found the career of your dreams? Picturing the light at the end of the tunnel really helps the tunnel seem less long.



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