Causes Of Stress – Bad Habits

Causes of Stress – Smoking & Drinking

When a person has bad habits, you can bet that this person will have stress throughout their lifetime. For instance, if a person smokes cigarettes it increases the vitals functioning abilities, which gradually affects the heart, lungs, and other vital organs. When a person has health problems, stress is obviously overwhelming.

Likewise, if a person drinks heavily it affects the central nervous system and reduces a person’s capability to cope with stress. Heavy drinkers put their self in harm’s way by destroying the body and potential going to jail in the future. As you can see, bad habits are the main causes of stress.

When a person is born, they are often healthy and if this person avoids bad habits that cause harm then the person’s life will be rewarding. If you are free of chemicals and substances that can cause you harm you will have the capability to make good decisions that offers you a successful future.

Causes of Stress – Eating Too Much

Eating too much is also a bad habit that needs modification. If a person overeats regularly and avoiding exercise then this person is subject to obesity, diabetes, strokes, heart failure, and so forth. We see this causes problems and problems are one of the elements that cause our stress to increase.

Causes of Stress – Stress Itself

One of the obvious bad habits that create potential dangers is stress itself. When a person is lacking the capability to manage his or her life and becomes stress every time an expectation presents itself then this bad habit too can cause harm to the body.

Stress Relieving Techniques

Stress relieving means we have the capability to manage our lives successfully without creating stressors that act as causes of stress. Minimizing stressors can help us to live a more beneficial lifestyle and provide us hope when times are hard to deal with.

Stress Relieving Techniques – Eliminating Bad Habits

It is never easy to eliminate a bad habit since it is obviously a ritual, but it is possible to work toward reducing and finally eliminating the habits that cause us stress. Tell your self that today you are going to drink water instead of smoking after a meal, if you have a habit of smoking a cigarette after each meal.

If you drink coffee and it opens your smoking cravings up, then start drinking orange juice, milk or some other healthy beverage. If you are a heavy drinker, tell your self every day that you are worth saving.

Sit down and review with your self the many troubles you are facing and if some are less severe than others are. If you are often late paying your bills then you know that this is a problem, so you will need to learn and practice paying your bills on time.

When you do not pay your bills on time, late charges occur or shut-off notices following. As you can see, we all cause a lot of our own problems, which initiates stress.

Sitting down and evaluating our situation and decisions can help bring forth rewards by seeing the problems we created and learning how to eliminate the problems in our lives.



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