The Importance of Being Grateful and Tips to be Grateful

being grateful

Count your Blessings and not your Crosses we were told as children, and this holds as true for us as adults. Being grateful for what you have reminds you not to be envious and jealous and helps us in our quest to be content and happy.

Here are the following tips to develop an attitude of gratitude

1. In the morning and at night before going to bed, say a prayer of gratitude even for mundane things such as a new day, the fact that you have a home, family, job and so on.

2. Be grateful for each meal; that gives you three occasions in a day to be grateful for; to remind yourself how grateful you should be that there is food to eat on each of those occasions.

3. Verbalize one thing each day that you are grateful for, to a partner, friend or family member. Those that live alone can express the same thought of gratitude to a journal.

4. Be grateful for things you desire. Putting your goals into words can help you achieve those goal.

5. On the hour, each waking hour, look around and give thanks for one thing – set a cell phone timer or watch to go off each hour to remind you to do this.



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