Spiritual Growth is not Just Religion but Also about Yourself and Growing

You need to have a sense of right and wrong when it comes to self esteem. How do you know what is right and what is wrong? We have laws that tell us, we have standards that define both right and wrong, and we have religion. You have a sense of morally right or morally wrong standards when it comes to religion or spiritual power.

Everybody thinks that religion is about praying to a high god, but it also is about yourself and growing. You can find comfort and strength to do what it is that you have to do with the help of religion. You will feel better about yourself if you can find faith in anything.

When You Have Faith in Yourself and Your Family

Even if your faith is not in a God, but in yourself and your family; you can have spiritual growth without trying to find yourself in a religion. Spiritual growth is when you realize that there are things that you can control and things that you cannot. Spiritual growth is when you live for another person or spirit.

You will feel better about yourself if you live to serve God because there is power in the Bible. If you live to protect your child, you will feel better about yourself because you are sacrificing yourself for another. That is the basis of spiritual growth; living for something other than yourself.

Find the Reason to Live

How spiritual growth happens is something major has to happen to your life. You have to find a reason to live. You have to find something that gives you joy and that you are willing to go the distance for.

Some people need a near death experience to have spiritual growth and some need things like a child to enter their life to finally get on the right path. That’s how spiritual growth naturally processes, however, why wait for that.

If you are non practitioner of a faith, find out why you stopped and then find out how to find yourself in faith. You need to support yourself, you need to believe in yourself, and you need to believe in something more than just yourself.

Again, you need to find something to take up your devotion, not like a job, but it can be a person or it can be a spirit. The key to finding something to devote your time and energy is finding something that you would sacrifice everything for.


Religion is different for everyone; however it defines who you are and what you want out of life. It also helps you find the right path. Irrespective of your religion you will put your goals and ideas into a statement that is influenced by your religion.

Then you have your faith to fall back on when you fail at a goal. Your faith is what allows you to reach for better things. Your faith is what allows you to be a better person. You find strength and support in faith, regardless of what your faith may be.

For those who do not have faith in anyone or anything, you are lost and have a lot more than just personal growth to worry about. You still have to find yourself. Once you are able to find yourself and define who you are, then you will be able to grow by setting goals to be what it is that you want to be.

For those who have no faith, finding faith is important to your living. You will never know what it feels like to help another person or you will never know what it feels like to be supported by others. If you can find faith or spiritual growth, then you will find personal growth.



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