5 Paths to Spiritual Growth

There is nothing weird in being spiritual. The crossroads of life and the challenges that they present us in a daily basis will most likely turn you spiritual and thoughtful at some point in your life. This growth is yours that no one can deny. You deserve to be peaceful and happy and to get there you have to manifest at least a certain amount of spiritual awareness and the power of your inner spirit.

It is not communal or religious; in fact it surpasses the common modus operands of all modern day religion and what they have come to represent. No matter whether you are spiritually or materially superior to the person next to you, the presence of spirit within you and the one standing next to you is equal.

The difference is just how close the inner spirit of yours is to your surface compared to others. It is a practice that helps you to shed your misconceptions, wrong thoughts, beliefs, and ideas and to be aware of your inner being the one that is hidden behind the ego-personality.

It is the process of inner awakening and rising above the consciousness of ordinary existence to discover the universal truth. To gain that knowledge it is essential for you to detach yourself of all material things and gather composure. That said, it is by no means a way to escape your responsibilities or your duties, in fact it is a method of growing stronger and a more responsible person.

Spiritual growth will give you the knowledge of how you can balance your life and quench your thirst both mentally and physically. Here are some essential steps you must take if you want to gain any spiritual growth.

paths to spiritual growth

1. Read Spiritually Uplifting Books

Try your best to practice reading spiritually uplifting books. They do not have to be necessarily of religious discourse. In fact try and read other’s manifestos of spiritual awakening, like biographies and philosophical discourse. You may also try to read the difference and similarities of every known religion and their spiritual practices and the reasons behind such practices. Remember the road to spiritual awakenings and growths should never end in extremist beliefs in a particular religion. It is of a more philosophical nature. The rigid morals of any religion can never develop your awareness.

2. Meditate Daily

You can do this by simply praying to the God of your faith thanking him, praising him, or plain meditate by closing your eyes in a quiet corner to concentrate and reflect on your day’s activities and your own actions. Acknowledge the fact that your spirit and your body is one and the same. This activity is guaranteed to give you a boost towards your spiritual growth.

3. Soul Searching and Positive Thinking

Spare some time regularly to look within yourself. Do some soul searching and try and keep a positive attitude towards everything in your life. Develop a habit of looking at the brighter side of everything that crosses your path. Do not let outward appearances or circumstances ruin your brighter attitudes. Try and be genuinely happy and do not be afraid of showing it.

4. Exercise Tolerance, Patience Gratefulness, and Strength of Mind

More often than none you will find yourself in difficult positions where your decision making abilities will be challenged or put to test. Remember to develop a healthy habit of tolerance, patience, and gratefulness. To be spiritually aware and enhance spiritual growth you much practice the act of respecting others and being tolerant towards everything that life throws at you.

This will enhance your patience and your ability to be grateful for what you have. This is a great way to understand that what you may desire but do not have is perhaps not that bad because perhaps it is not meant for you. Be grateful to everyone for everything even if it means to acknowledge your gratefulness for not having certain things. This will provide a positive strength to your mind and you will be able to take decisions and the right ones too.

5. Exercise Daily

Maintain a regular routine of physical fitness. To enhance your mind and make it stronger you need to eat healthy and be physically fit too. There is no need to physically punish yourself for penance. This kind of treatment will not lead you into a healthy spiritual awakening.

Remember your spirituality is your relationship with your own spiritual world and your understanding of it. It is a broad concept and should never be confined within one faith or belief system. It should be comprised of different aspects of life itself, like your purpose in this world, the purpose of life in itself, your personal attitude and its reflection upon the rest. In short it is your way of looking at life in a larger context.


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