How Spiritual Belief Can Keep You Healthy?

spiritual growthIf you want to be healthy, you probably eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly.

You do things to keep your mind engaged and active. But do you exercise your spirit?

Studies have suggested that people who have a strong spiritual foundation tend to live longer and have a better quality of life than people who have no spiritual or religious beliefs.

It doesn’t matter whether these beliefs are Catholicism, Wicca, Judaism or Islam, or even if they are a part of an organized religion; what matters is that you have spiritual beliefs that are meaningful to you personally.

When you have a belief in something larger than yourself, you can more easily handle day to day stress because you are more likely to believe that life has meaning, and that you are not alone in your struggle.

Having a religious faith also allows you to become part of a social network of other nurturing and supportive people. You become part of a community, and develop important social ties which can be difficult to form otherwise.

You may even find that you have the opportunity to become involved in volunteer work.

Having spiritual beliefs can not only keep you healthy, but it can make your life happier and more rewarding as well.



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