Worried With Inferiority Complex? Fabulous Ways To Overcome The Feeling Of Inferiority!

Inferiority complexDo you feel that you are inferior to others? If yes, then it is very essential for you to know that this inferiority complex is the most anxious feeling which can be felt by any one at some or the other time in their life. This feeling of inferiority complex is considered as disease by most of the medical experts.

Feeling inferior or substandard to someone who is much richer, skillful, beautiful, taller, healthier or even hardworking, is the most common manifestation identified in most of the people suffering with this disease.

Inferiority complex is an emotion which can be experienced by your body. It is considered as conditioned reflex and once if you get habituated to it, you can end up with a feeling of agony and you feel as if you are living in a hell [Link between anger and emotions].

So, how to overcome this repulsive feeling of inferiority complex?

In order to deal with this feeling of inferiority, the first and foremost step which you need to consider is, to analyze the root cause of this inferiority feeling. It can be any thing from a childhood rejection to your behavior of being a shy person. After determining the root cause, try to follow these simple ways to overcome your feeling of inferiority.

Avoid pessimistic self talk!

Try to change the way you think and avoid all those negative phrases to creep into your mind. Some of those depressing phrases can include” I know I’m very ugly”, “I’m the only ill health person in this world”, etc. Cognitive behavior therapy is one of the most effective techniques, which can show considerable effect to fix such kind of self talk in a person suffering with inferiority complex.

Never try to blame yourself for others’ foolishness!

Remember that even if you were called dumb or stupid when you were child, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t simply have any value in this society. Try to develop a positive attitude in yourself. Believe that if others call you dumb fellow or brainless, it becomes their own problem of inferiorities.

Try to keep on repeating those positive thoughts in your mind, whenever you feel inferior about any words spoken by others.

Try to work on your selfconfidence level!

Your self-esteem plays a vital role in overcoming the feeling of inferiority. If you are suffering with this inferiority complex, then try to practice various self improvement techniques which can greatly help you in developing self confidence. Building self confidence can mainly help you to develop more positive opinions on yourself.

If you really want to get rid of the most disgusting feeling of inferiority, try to follow these essential guidelines. If you want to make them much clear, you can also consult any psychiatrist or you can also attend certain counseling sessions.



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