What Makes you Happy?

A recent British survey to gauge the happiness of people and to create a well-being index (which offers more insight into quality of life than mere economic parameters) indicated that it is not just money that people value.


In the British happiness survey, some people responded by saying that a grand Utopian ideal world would make them happy, while others admitted that it was the little things in life that would make the difference.

Earlier responses suggested that it was factors such as family relationships, good health and job security that were the prime indicators of happiness.

For instance having access to low cost facilities such as public parks, swimming pools and libraries was deemed important by many, while others said that having an open green space such as a park close to the residence would enrich their life.

For yet others, other aspects such as opportunities of relaxation and leisure, and factors relating to emotional and mental health were important.

The following 10 factors were suggested as being able to impact a person’s happiness and wellbeing by the Office for National Statistics.

  1. Access to or living near an open green space or a swimming pool.
  2. Libraries and cultural facilities that have easy and low cost access.
  3. Being in good physical health.
  4. Having the time and the ability to relax and have a good time.
  5. Enjoy the benefits of living in a fair society.
  6. Having the economic wherewithal or money for all one’s requirements.
  7. The freedom to act and think.
  8. Feelings of contentment that come from one’s circumstances in life.
  9. Mutual caring and looking after is also an important happiness indicator.

Something as seemingly insignificant as a freshly opened jar or coffee can also add to a person’s happiness quotient.



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