Ways Of Showing Sportsmanship

In sports, there are always winners and losers. Just like the old saying goes, it is how you play the game that counts. Winning can be difficult to achieve.

It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, and determination. On the other hand, losing is something you have to face and accept no matter how hard it is.

Sportsmanship is very important especially in a competition. So how do you show sportsmanship? Here are some ways to show it:

1. Be honest

    Being honest pays a lot. Do not lie about your age, your address, and other information needed to qualify in an event. Always supply the correct information and be honest especially to your coach.

    2. Play fair

      Make it a point to follow strictly the rules of the game. Rules and criteria need to be obeyed. Do not break them so you can win.

      3. Respect your teammates and opponents

        As a member of a team, you must learn to cooperate. Follow your leader or your coach. Meanwhile, do not harm your opponents or say bad things about them.

        4. Be humble

          When you win, stay humble. Congratulate the other team or contestants wholeheartedly. On the other hand, if you lose you have to accept defeat and learn to do better next time.

          Sportsmanship is something every player must possess. You can show it by being honest, playing fair, respecting others, and staying humble whether you win or lose.


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