Recovering from a Tragedy – Ways and Means to Cope with Bereavement

Any tragedy, which can take different forms but in particular bereavement or the loss of a near and dear one, can be one of the most difficult losses to bear. The loss of someone you love can be a life altering event and one would typically have to call up tremendous reserves of strength and resilience to get through it. Here are some ways in which to work through bereavement –

recovering from tragedy

Make a difference to someone else – If you have lost a dear one, consider donating (if entitled to and if possible) any or several of their organs to those in need – consider that those eyes that were so dear to you, could give sight to someone else or that their kidney could save another’s life.

In this way that person, who was so dear, could live on for you in some small way.

This could not only give hope and satisfaction, it can help to know that the person who has gone away would have approved of this too.

Expect a gamut of emotion – To begin with, the loss may be too great to comprehend, and a person may feel numb and almost indifferent to what is happening around them. Sadness and grief may come only later, to begin with there could be disbelief and denial; even confusion and an incomprehension of what is happening.

Later when the sad occurrence has had time to register, the sadness, the awful pain, the grief may set in. These could be accompanied by yearning, despair, and even guilt in many cases.

There could be a deep anger and even rage if the death of a person was caused by some avoidable circumstance – these are all natural emotions and experiencing them is a part of the process of mourning, which is a step in the direction of working through one’s grief.

Take care of yourself – There could be physical and psychological fallouts of a bereavement. In grief, many experience stomach upsets, tiredness and fatigue, sleeplessness and other disturbances and there could be a worsening of the symptoms of certain illnesses. A bereaved person could become vulnerable to depression, and thoughts of suicide could also occur to them.

Express your Grief, mourn your loss – Mourning and grieving for a dear departed one, is a natural process that should be allowed to run its course. This doesn’t mean that one resorts to maudlin self pity, but remember it is OK to cry and to express grief; people understand. Trying to hide your feelings, or to ignore and deny your grief will only make things worse.



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