Want To Kick The Butt? Electric Cigarettes May Help

A recent Australian study conducted at the Queensland Universities found that electric cigarettes could help save lives of smokers. This may be a way to help people quit, even against their wishes, say researchers about the electric cigarette.

The electric cigarettes and other less harmful tobacco products allow a person to inhale the nicotine that they crave and have developed dependence for, without the tobacco or smoke which are more harmful to the body.

electric cigarettes

Not only that, the other speciality of these cigarettes are, one can regulate the nicotine level and select flavours as per personal preferences. Most important of all, the flavours inside these electric cigarettes are free from tar which reduces the harmful effects of cigarettes on human. Read more about electric cigarettes here

So these products may be of particular importance for those who simply refuse to give up smoking.

While it is best that all people give up tobacco, but when they refuse to, or are unable to do so, this could be a viable and safer option – it is an alternative tobacco called ‘snus’ which is already quire popular in countries such as Sweden.

This is a steamed tobacco variant that is placed under the lip and which then releases nicotine into the person’s system. It is this that is believed to be responsible for the lowest rates of lung cancer among European men.

So perhaps battery power cigarettes and the new tobacco are what you require to kick the butt.

Photo Credit By: nanobiotechnews.com


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