Walking Meditation – What Is It And How Can It Help?

Now we all know that walking is terrific for health for several different reasons – not only is it good for the organs of your body to function optimally and for the body to maintain good health and control weight, research has also shown that walking can help to decrease cravings.

Smokers and even drug addicts were able to reduce their cravings for their fix, because regular exercise can actually induce changes in the brain.

walking meditationMeditation is another factor that can have positive brain altering effects; such as helping the brain concentrate better, regulate emotions and also improve self control.

So if you are able to take both these factors – walking and meditation – and then put them together as walking meditation, you can have some very positive results on your will power. .

It can have a long term positive impact on the body and the brain and even in the immediate time, you may experience a change for the better.

Outdoors is better for a walk, but if the weather doesn’t allow, a treadmill is not a bad idea either.

Pick a pace that you find conducive; moderate or even fast if you prefer it. And now, as you walk, try and focus your attention on one particular thing for half a minute.

Focus on your breath, the sound of your feet as they take their steps, the rustle of leaves underfoot, or whatever.

Identify any five focus points and then concentrate on them successively for half a minute each. This should be done rather like shining a flash light on to an object for that particular length of time.

Till now you were concentrating on narrowing your focus; now concentrate on widening your focus. To continue with the flashlight analogy, switch off the flashlight and turn on the room lights.

Concentrate on all that surrounds you, in a conscious manner – The smell of vegetation, the feel of the air on your skin, your sense of sight and hearing as well.

This is not to say that you let your mind wander, or do a bit of daydreaming or fantasizing. Rather, aim for a state of conscious awareness – your arms swinging, your legs brushing against one another as they move, changes in smell as your move past different kinds of vegetation, the different sounds of birds and so on.

Do this walking meditation for 10 minutes each day and see the kind of difference it can make to you, the way in which you exercise your will power, and the way that it impacts your physical health.



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