Understanding Your Bad Mood

bad mood1Bad moods can come from a variety of sources.

Your bad mood could come from repressed needs, chemical balances, or the simple fact that things just aren’t going your way.

One of the most common situations that many of us feel stressed in is when we are bogged down with work. [Managing workplace stress]

As mental exhaustion creeps in, we find it more difficult to realize that many of the downs in our lives are mostly temporary.

If your life really isn’t going in the direction that you want it to go, you might want to consider making a large change in your life after careful thinking. However, if your slumps are temporary, here are some ways to get out of them.

Happiness time is wasted

Realize that the time that you spend in feeling unhappy is time that you’re not spending happy. This is really obvious but still important.

Imagine if all the time you spent furious and miserable was instead spent reconnecting with those you love or mastering something that you enjoy doing. We keep hearing the cliché that life is short mostly because it really is. Enjoy the moment!

Why so serious?

Ancient Greek theater really captured the two base attitudes in this world. Amazingly, so many seemingly horrible parts of your life are absolutely hysterical if looked it in the right angle.

I found it hilarious when someone I was living with at one time threw a temper tantrum because no one was using the Wii that he bought without asking anyone if they wanted it in the first place.

How can anyone ever be angry over a video game system that’s meant to be fun? Why spend all your time screaming and crying when you could be laughing. Laughing feels so much better.

Limit time with toxic people

There are too many types of toxic people to list. But basically, they all fit into two types. There are some people who simply take the most convoluted and time-consuming way to get to their goals.

For instance, instead of Bob telling Sally about how he didn’t appreciate her cranky behavior, Bob instead decides to act cranky around Sally to show her how he feels, instead of directly telling her.

Other toxic people are deliberately vicious or passive-aggressive. These individuals suck the joy out of life, which is why you should carefully consider how much time you spend with them.

What do you really care about?

Do not forget what you really care about. I remember being told “make the money. Do not let the money make you.” But so many of us focus on the means while completely forgetting the ends. Remember your passions.

Get some caffeine

Caffeine is well known for its ability to elevate moods. Not only can caffeine have a direct impact on your mood, but it can also give you a temporary jolt which allows you to escape from your negative mindset.

Keep everything in perspective

Remember that your situation is temporary. Your work will be over with soon. That degree is just around the corner. Try to see your life as a whole instead of focusing on the shortcomings that you are experiencing at the moment.



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