Top Tips for a Relaxing Evening

Our homes are often considered a safe haven in which we can escape from the outside world and truly relax. If you’re looking for ways to make the most of your time at home, here are seven fantastic ways to pamper yourself.

1.Cup of tea

It’s terribly British way of relaxing and unwinding, but a good cup of tea actually works wonders most of the time. Whether it’s Earl Grey, green tea or a mug of chai latte, finding a bit of spare time to sit down, make a brew and relax is an easy way to pamper yourself, so grab your favourite blend and relax.

Relaxing at home

2.Long bath protest

A favourite amongst those pampering themselves, a long, warm and soapy bath, can relieve a day of stress, calm your mind, ease your muscles and prepare you for anything. Do be careful when it comes to using perfumed soaps, oils and bubble baths if you’re prone to cystitis though, as they can make symptoms worse. If you find yourself experiencing cystitis symptoms, it may be a good idea to seek treatment.

3.Food treats

Picking up something special from the local supermarket, grocers or chocolate shop and spending an evening indulging with a few treats is an ideal way to pamper yourself. Whether it’s a bottle of beautiful wine or some luxury chocolates, you’ll soon be feeling the benefits, but remember to have everything in moderation!


It’s not often that you get the opportunity to sit back and watch the films you want to see, so take the night off, get the kids in bed, curl up on the sofa and watch a few of your favourite classics, or perhaps catch up with the latest releases.


The fast pace of modern life can often make it difficult to find the time to get properly stuck into a book. Set aside a little time for reading every day and rediscover the joys of a good novel.

6.Phone a friend

Keeping in touch with friends can be particularly difficult to do when you have work and family commitments. Pick up the phone and spend a long time catching up with friends and having a laugh.

7.Home dinner date

Though you need a loving partner for this one, a home dinner date can be a great way of pampering yourself. Get the candles out, order in (or get them to do the cooking) and just enjoy each other’s company.



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