Tips to Keep Holiday Feasting in Check

Yes it is the season to be merry and to indulge in all manner of feasting and rich repast. However beware! It is also the season of putting on weight – on an average there is an estimated 5 pound weight gain for each of us, during the holiday season!

holiday feasting in checkWith mouthwatering delicacies on offer, and the general convivial atmosphere of indulgence in the air, it is each to consign good habits and healthy eating to the winds and just plough into the food. Here is what you can do to keep the feasting in check –

  • Have a soup. This helps fill you up considerably so that you will not eat as much of the main course and the sweet. Rather than rich, creamy soups, opt for clear broths with chopped veggies and so on.
  • If you have a choice between fish and meat, pick the former – it is healthier for you and your waistline. Fish such as salmon also have healthy fats good for your heart and brain.
  • Turkey is a great choice of meat, since it is generally low in fat by itself. However when it comes to the turkey, avoid the skin for this is where most of the fat is.
  • As for the gravy, this can be a hugely calorific without one being aware of it. Try and skim the fat off the gravy before having it.
  • Have plenty of veggies. Have them served stir fried, steamed or served in a similarly healthy fashion. Don’t slather them in fat.
  • For roasting of potatoes, use healthy oils rather than fat from the meat or goose fat. In fact have a mix of boiled potatoes and roast potatoes so that both options are available.
  • Avoid the stuff that is usually very calorific – the bacon, stuffing, the sausages and other deli meat, bread sauce and so on.
  • If one is going with traditional Christmas pudding, this can be quite low in fat, so keep the serving sizes small and you are set.
  • Rather than calories fests such as trifle and pastry desserts, try a fruit salad, and/or low fat fromage frais.
  • Use snack options such as vegetable sticks and dips rather than chips and dips, use healthy and delicious things such as figs, apricots, and dates and also other dried fruit and nuts as snack alternatives.
  • And remember to watch what you drink– one may not realize how many liquid calories one ends up consuming.


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