Tips Not to Overspend These Holidays

The holiday season is just round the bend and the urge to shop till you drop is never stronger as it is around this time of the year. Excessive shopping may be fueled by all sorts of things – clever marketing, a perceived need when there is none, a way to regulate emotions and repair bad moods and even as an attempt to fill voids within ourselves that shopping can do nothing to fill.

tips not to overspendThere are so many reasons to avoid overspending and with the holidays around, there is a real danger of that happening.

One overspending can result in debt you can ill afford, secondly overspending can cause tensions in a relationship that can have lasting consequences, and paradoxically, there could be guilt, and feelings of emptiness and let-down after shopping.

So consider the following to stop yourself overspending this holidays –

  • Yes you have dear friends and family and you would like your gift to make them feel special and to understand how much they mean to you. But so that you don’t go overboard, make a budget of the total amount you will allow yourself to spend on gifts this season.
  • See how much you can afford to spend on each person, and then stay within that limit. Estimate how much you will be spending for each person you buy a gift for – if it is a colleague, what is going to be your limit? What is your limit for a close friend, a member of the family and so on?
  • If you cannot afford fancy and big gifts, that is OK. Any good friend or family member will understand, so there is really no need to run up those credit card bills that you will find difficult to pay off later.
  • It goes without saying that you should take advantage of sales. Also take a look at online sales to let you know that you’re getting the best possible deal. Online site can often offer discounts that a bricks and mortar shop may not be able to, since they don’t have sales people, rent, electricity and other overheads, to pay for. They can also offer wider choice and you can compare prices and read user reviews before you buy.
  • Avoid impulse buying. You may regret it later, seeing that what you bought was attractive seeming but isn’t a whole lot of use, either for you or as a gift. Make a list, have a plan and stick to it.


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