Think Of Failure As A Spiritual Self Help

Yes we have all heard the often repeated cliché; Failures are the stepping stones for success, but when something goes wrong in our lives it is difficult to be philosophical about it and chalk it all down to learning from our mistakes.

failureYet if you take a step back from your perceived misfortune you can see that every single person you have met is likely to have suffered some or the other setback in their life.

It is important to remember that while it will undoubtedly cause sadness and even suffering, failure should not erode your self-worth as a salutary article reminds us.

As soon as you realize that your perceived failure does not reduce you as a person in anyway, you will be able to take away something positive from the experience and perhaps even turn your failure into an opportunity for personal growth.

If you permit yourself to be bogged down by this setback, you are probably dwelling on all the other setbacks of the past as well, and this is self destructive. Rather if you strive to go forward extricating yourself for this problem, you can start to redefine and refocus on your goals. And who knows, you can then perhaps find the courage to even look upon this failure as your own personal source of Spiritual Self Help!



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