There Are Ways To Actually Make Decisions And Avoid Procrastination

decision makingIf you find that you are always avoiding and pushing off decisions, you need to take action to alter this state of mind.

By following a few simple tips, you can save yourself from taking frequent decision avoidance trips and hence lead a more fulfilling life.

Have you been thinking that doing the job would eat up a lot of your time.

Remember that if this is becoming a common practice for you, chances are you are in an avoidance cycle.

Though procrastination should not be adopted as a long term way out, it gradually starts becoming your preferred option; we have numerous ways to justify it to ourselves. [Overcome procrastination]

The harsh fact is that it is a euphemism to avoidance; there are many reasons why we may wish to avoid making a decision about something. At times, simply because it is not fun at all, or it is an inconvenient job or a task.

So, rather than being acquiescent to the problem, here are a couple of ways which can give you a way to make a decision.

  1. Accept the actual reason for avoidance, it is something to do with your fears, or the fact that you do not get on well with someone, or you are uncomfortable about delivering bad news.
  2. Believe in yourself to executing the task at a stipulated time.
  3. Do your bit of mental preparation for the task.
  4. Do not avoid it.
  5. Promise to treat yourself upon completion of the task.
  6. Love the feeling that you have finally completed the task which seemed totally daunting.
  7. If you feel it honestly is not something that you are good at, try to delegate it to someone who can perform the task. But this can not be used as a “get out” on every occasion that is just another way to procrastinate.


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