The Sabbatical From Work – Can It Really Help?

Did you get the feeling, the last time that you took a vacation, that barely had the vacation begun and it seemed to end?

For many reasons, a week or even two weeks off in a year may not be a satisfying enough option and taking a sabbatical; which is an extended break from work; may appear a more attractive alternative. Consider the many advantages of taking a sabbatical –

sabbaticalAn antidote to professional burnout and stress

If you find that your work is increasingly making you feel jaded, stressed and even bored, then an extended break from it, may be just the thing to help you feel refreshed and then come back to work later with a renewed perspective.

Then perhaps your productivity and energy for your job will be restored.

A sabbatical can be an excellent opportunity to travel, to catch up on your reading, or anything really that you find you have no time to do otherwise, on a normal working day.

Offers you fresh Perspective

You have the time, during a sabbatical to take fresh look at your life, and to balance the importance of work and career growth when compared with time spent with family and friends.

You may find that your work is keeping you from what is important in life and you could then take a decision to scale down your work and try and find the right balance in life.

A Time to Explore New Career Options

An extended leave from work will help you identify why it was that you were dissatisfied or bored with your job in the first place.

Perhaps you have different interests and your career may benefit from a new direction? You can explore other professional opportunities and do some research in that direction. You could perhaps be able to get a better or more satisfying job in the meantime.

You can improve your Academic qualifications

You can use a sabbatical to widen your horizons in more ways than one. Use the time to educate yourself by taking courses, learning a new skill set or even going back to school to earn a degree.

Using this sabbatical time wisely could mean that you are able to return to work with better educational / academic qualifications.

Armed with this you could seek advancement or a promotion within the organisation or land yourself a better, higher paying job.
So a sabbatical can be made to work for a professional in many different ways.



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