The Four Areas Of Internal Conflict And Insecurity

conflictLife can feel full of conflict that we find within ourselves, and in our relationships with others.

If you stop and realize what basic needs human beings require it will make it easier to understand why these issues arise.

All people have four areas that should be addressed, they are stability and a feeling of self worth, along with the need to feel in control and finally everyone wants to be valued by others.

Most problems are caused by insecurities because of the lack of one or more of the aforementioned factors. The key is to recognize that this not only in yourself but also with others. Other people’s behavior can often be better understood if you are aware of these different requirements.

Consistency is what grounds you and is the foundation of everything, which is why major life changes are known to generate high stress levels, moving house or divorce. It is easy to adapt to little differences only because there is the stable condition from our main situation.

To appreciate one’s own abilities is the key to self esteem; it comes from within so no one can give it to you. By being positive and focusing on your strengths rather than contemplating all the things you are unable to do, you will feel stronger as a person.

Insecurity breeds control, as you feel the need to know what will happen next, perceiving it as a way to judge how you should react. A feeling of security will help you let go of certain things, letting others do what they are best out leaving you to concentrate on your abilities.



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