The Balancing Act: Self Improvement of Lifestyle

Self ImprovementOn first day of every year, many of us sit down and think of New Year’s Resolutions to improve something about our life or our self.

We want to change something that we are unhappy about in our life, whether it is in our home life, our work life, or our spiritual life.

We make resolutions such as to lose weight, to stop smoking, to stop swearing, to go to church every Sunday, to do better in school; the list goes on and on. This improvement list reflects a portion of our life that we are unhappy about.

Something about our lifestyle is telling us that something is missing, wrong or lacking. It may be that our lifestyle has gone through a recent change that has thrust this need to change on us.

A necessity of getting a better job may arise due to recent marriage. Our lifestyle somehow gets out of whack and we feel off balanced. In order to show us how to keep all of our balls in the air we are in need of an exert juggler.

The balancing act usually includes the following areas of our lives:

  • Exercise
  • Family
  • Health
  • Leisure
  • Love
  • Money
  • Sex
  • Social life
  • Time
  • Work

Balancing the Time

First and foremost, we need to balance time, since how much time we give to each area of our life is something that happens whether or not we decide how much or not. With or without our knowledge or consent time has a way of passing.

Our balancing act is going to come toppling down pretty quickly if time runs out before we have allocated a portion of our attention to a particular part of the balancing life.

For instance, let’s say we spend a lot of time at the office and there by neglecting our family. This may result them to become distant and resentful.

Our family relationships suffer and everyone feels pain. Thus, we need to balance out time in order that we spend time at work, and have time for family.

We spend a part of the day making money, so we use this money for spending on food, clothes, paying bills, and hopefully entertainment too.

We also need to make time for exercise since it is good for our health, in order that must fit into our balancing act.

We start to wonder if there is any possible way to fit all the balls in the air without dropping them. In such situations, we decide to make a self improvement goal.

We like to have a lifestyle that is satisfying and does not produce pain. In order that our balancing act can run smoothly we want all of the elements of our life (the balls) to get attention.

Self Improvement Goals

One or more than one of the balancing balls may be involved in our self improvement goal. Our self improvement goal may be to spend more time with our family. Our self improvement goal may be to find time to exercise 3 times a week in order to improve our health.

How successful we are at balancing all the balls that make up our life determines how satisfied we are with our life. We find it essential to make self improvement goals when one or more of the balls are out of balance it throws off our act. We can balance back the balancing act by achieving those goals.



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