The 7 Keys To Turning Bad Habits Into Good Habits

Quitting smoking was one of the most difficult things to do — in fact, many of them fail when they tried quitting.

Each time you fail in your quit attempt, you feel guilty and weak and unsure of your ability to overcome such difficult hurdles.

But looking back on it, it was the failed attempts that teaches the most about what works and what doesn’t.

Research on change of habits and have multiple strategies for success in your plan.

There are a few keys to changing bad habits. Create a plan based on these keys, before you start to implement your habit change, so that you are well prepared and well positioned for success:

1. For each habit, identify your triggers. What situations trigger your smoking habit (waking in the morning, having coffee, drinking alcohol, stressful meetings, going out with friends, driving, etc.)? Identify all of them, for each habit.

2. For every single trigger, identify a positive habit you’re going to do instead. When you first wake in the morning, instead of smoking, what will you do? What about when you get stressed? When you go out with friends? Some positive habits could include: exercise, meditation, deep breathing, organizing, decluttering, and more.

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