Symptoms of Psychological Abuse in Women

There are many women in the world who face psychological and physical abuse from their family members, husbands and other people and although the signs of physical abuse are more visible, it is difficult to find out if she is going through any form of psychological abuse or not.Symptoms-of-Psychological-Abuse-in-Women

Although emotional or psychological abuse is not painful physically, it can cause serious harm to a person because slowly but surely she loses her will to live, feels demotivated to do anything and it also affects her health.

Women are more susceptible to mental disorders like depression, stress and panic attacks and hence any psychological abuse can have far-reaching consequences for women.

Usually emotional abuse is accompanied with physical abuse and the most common scenario where she faces that is in her relationship with either her boyfriend or husband. Here are a few symptoms to make you understand if a woman is facing psychological abuse or not:


The most obvious sign that a person is going through some psychological abuse is that she will be depressed. Depression is different from sadness because in this case it will be almost a permanent state and not a phase. She will be quiet and display lack of energy in doing anything and in general have no interest in anything.

Mood swings

Most women face mood swings but in this case it is a much severe case of bipolar disorder or also called manic depression. One moment the woman may seem excessively happy and the next moment she will be very sad. It is like she has no control over her emotions and swings from one extreme spectrum to another.

Low self-esteem

All psychological abuse results in low self-esteem and it is no different for women. They are low on confidence, have very less self-worth and feel like they cannot do anything and thus results in them withdrawing from all activities because they do not feel confident to do anything.


A psychologically abused woman may feel very anxious and may also get panic attacks often, which may show that she is in a state of extreme stress. She may get stressed about little things, lose her temper and then become very remorseful which are signs of mental instability and a fear of someone.

Obsessive behavior

She may have some obsessive compulsive behavior like cleaning the house too much, very controlling of finances, washing her hands too much and scared of spending more than necessary.



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