Some Facts To Help You Understand The Psychology Of Quitting Smoking

While it is true that kicking the butt is difficult, this is the case for a number of different reasons. Yes it is true that there is nicotine in the cigarette that is addicting, which the body craves when you try to give up smoking and which in turn makes it more likely for a person to slip.

But there are other reasons as well: there are behaviors associated with smoking that act to reinforce smoking. For instance some people smoke after a meal or some do it while reading the paper etc. These are activities associated with smoking that have nothing to do with the addictive nature of cigarettes or nicotine.

quitting smokingIn this case, therefore, there is no nicotine patch or gum or candy or whatever that can help out.

These pharma aids cannot help in breaking the association between smoking and certain behavior. For this it is necessary to have the will and the strength necessary to quit and to never look back.

This however is far easier said than done by a vast majority, so find the best way possible; seek help (and there is no shame in admitting you need help) and go ahead and finish the habit that is likely to finish you!

Source: Psych Central



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