Self-help Strategies for Building Self Esteem

For any person, it is very important to feel good about oneself and have high regard and respect.  Having self-esteem is highly important and rather necessary for any individual as without it, it is hard to expect others to respect you.  But in certain life situations, everyone may experience the problem of low self-esteem either due to certain incidences or as a result of failures in life.

Building self-esteem in such situations thus becomes even more important so as to face life and people with courage and confidence. The following are some of the self -help strategies which can help you build your self -esteem:

self help strategies for building self esteemTalk to Yourself Positively Everyday

One of the best self-help strategies for building self-esteem is to talk to yourself positively, especially when you wake up every morning. Look in the mirror and say positive things to yourself about you. Tell yourself that you are a winner, an achiever, a positive person and that you can achieve whatever you want in life. Say it when you mean it and make it a habit to repeat this every morning or whenever you are feeling low on self-esteem.

Set Goals and Try to Achieve them

Most people experience low self-esteem because they haven’t been able to achieve something which they aimed for. Thus to feel respect for themselves again, they need to prove that they can reach their targets. It thus becomes necessary to set achievable or realistic goals and move on the path of achieving these goals. Once you are able to reach your targets, you will begin to feel a higher self-esteem.

Develop your Skills

Lack of proper skills can also be responsible for hampering your confidence and the respect that you feel for yourself. So it is important to develop your skills, polish them and ensure that you learn something new every day.  You can develop your skills through learning, practice, taking classes and having new experiences in life. Acquire as many new experiences as you can everyday and make sure you inculcate the lessons learnt in your day to day life.

Let Go off What you are ‘Expected’ to be

Often, we get so caught on in what is expected of us that we begin to feel a complex that lowers down our low self-esteem.  But it is important to let go off what you are expected to be for others and rather concentrate on your own needs and aims. Live life on the basis of what you want and what is possible for you to do rather than trying to impress others.

Take Chances

Taking risks and chances in life is another way to build your self-esteem as it makes you come out of your shell and take a taste of something you didn’t imaging yourself to be doing.  Taking chances will help you build your self-confidence and will ensure that you do not feel threatened by others who have made their way up by taking chances.


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