Quick Ways to Feel Better in Difficult Times of Life

Life is like a rollercoaster ride. Now you are happy, the next moment you may be depressed or disturbed due to many reasons. Experiencing joy all the time is impossible; at the same time difficult times will not stay for long periods in your life. So, if you learn to balance these two important aspects, happiness and difficult times, in your life, you can obviously lead a successful and happy life.

feel betterWhether you are experiencing the end of a relationship or facing financial problems or conflicts with your loved one, it is quite difficult and also overwhelming for you to control your emotions.

When you are going through difficult phases or pain in your life, balancing both your work and personal lives can be a tough task. So, here are few practical ways that you can implement in your life to feel better in difficult times.

Forgive yourself

First of all, forgive yourself for not being able to do everything perfectly. No one in this world is absolutely perfect.

Mistakes are done by each and every one. No one can maintain a spotless house or be incredibly productive at their work. So, try to forgive yourself and never try to harm yourself.

Talk about your problems

Talking about your problems or mistakes will significantly help you to release the pressure and pain. So, talk with your friends or trusted advisors to sort out your emotions. Try to express your feelings completely in much better way, so that you can feel relaxed or free from burden.

Put your thoughts on paper! It really works!!

If you don’t have a habit of putting your thoughts on paper or maintaining your personal journal, start now at least, this is the right time for you. Writing your thoughts or feelings can certainly make you feel free from painful emotions to some extent. So, write it down when you are feeling blue or write it down when you’re feeling anxious. Even, write it down when you are feeling extremely happy.


Meditation really helps you a lot in many ways. Don’t ignore your thoughts; rather allow whatever thoughts you have at that moment. Don’t judge the flashing thoughts in your mind; simply try to observe them as if you were on the bleachers at a football game and enjoy the game. If you don’t have enough ability to accept the facts, just ignore them for a while and concentrate on your breath.

Realize that problems will not always be there

As already mentioned, life is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes you may face many problems, while other time you may feel extremely happy. So, if you think that you are always depressed or sad, it is only because you have noticed it and viewed through a magnifying glass. So, always remember, every problem have some solution and it can be solved easily, if you think positively. So, instead of feeling bad, try to find solution for it.

Always remember, if it’s not possible to feel the pain, then it is not possible to be happy in your life. So, don’t be afraid of or depressed in difficult times. Try to enjoy them and realize that happiness is not something that happens, rather it is a feeling created by you personally and emotionally.



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