Protecting Yourself During Times Of Change: When Less Is Enough

selfhelpThe old saying is that there is nothing constant in life except change. For most of us, that is certainly true.

Sometimes those changes are for the better, as in moving to a new house, or getting a promotion at work.

Sometimes those changes are difficult and painful, such as divorcing your spouse.

When you find yourself in the midst of a large change, especially if it is difficult and painful such as getting a divorce, it is tempting to want to make the change even bigger.

You want a new life—a fresh start. Maybe you want a new job, a new haircut, a new car. Or maybe you think a new house, or a new town, will help you get past the pain.

As beneficial as all of those changes can be, you need to protect yourself. One major life change at a time is enough. When you are already in the midst of a large change, you are very emotional. You are under a great deal of stress, and any changes you make will be colored by what you are feeling.

Whenever you experience a drastic change—good or bad—try to give yourself at least six months to a year before you make any further major life changes.



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