Link Between Obesity And Sexual Abuse Seen

Dr. Wendy Scinta, in her practice of medical weight loss, has observed that more than half the women she treats, have some sort of sexual abuse in their past leading her to link obesity and past sexual abuse.

obese womanIt is a scenario she sees typically, women lose weight, reach a plateau and then pile back on whatever weight they had lost, which is why she now includes questions about abuse when she collates a new patient’s medical history.

The treatment that the doctor now offers includes aiding her patients become more comfortable with the attention that their newly thinner bodies may receive.

This is why group therapy sessions also now form part of the treatment, because according to the doctor, “If there’s obesity, there’s a good chance, especially if there’s morbid obesity, that something tragic happened in that person’s history, at one point or another.”

This is a trend that has been seen across social and racial lines and the behavior that results in the obesity is mostly binge eating.

The link between sexual abuse and obesity could go a long way to explain at least part of the obesity epidemic that is sweeping the United States today.



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