Importance Of Self Analysis And Self Worth

self analysisAs a human being, and as an individual in your own right, who interacts with several people on a daily basis for whatever reason, I am sure you have considered self analysis as a way of discovering yourself, and traits in yourself that you have noticed and admired, or denounced in others around you.

If you indulge in this sort of exercise, then it can only be extremely good for you, because it proves that you are assessing your self worth through self analysis.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what self worth and self esteem signify, and what the terms ego, mental and emotional strength, and self concept mean to you?

Take the example of Jim. He belonged to a poor family which could rarely afford three square meals a day, everyday, and whose father was an alcoholic.

He had always imagined being rich and owning fine things, and being able to eat out in fine restaurants.

This was the image he had built up in his mind of a successful person, and when he grew up and found that he was not as popular as he thought he would be, and that failure met him at every turn, he became embroiled in a vicious circle of self hate and inadequacy, leading him to keep company with ‘losers’.

This is a perfect example of what a loss of self esteem and self worth after self analysis may do to a person.

In Jim’s case, the poor man became a clone of his father, who never treated his family well, and he found that he could not get out of this cycle.

Remember; you have to be comfortable with your own self worth, because this is tied in with your ambition and your ability to achieve your heart’s desires.

  • Make sure that your thoughts are for the most part positive and optimistic and constructive, and consciously throw out all negative thoughts and feelings from your repertoire everyday.
  • Remember that the unconscious mind is very impressionable, and it builds up a set of images and feelings based on your experiences. Therefore, it would be a great idea for you to use rational and conscious thoughts to generate visuals based on the realization of your dreams. This will attract your desires and help you attain a level of comfort with positive feelings, so that you will be able to take the necessary steps for improvement by yourself.
  • Everyday, make it a point to dream of what you really want, and learn to eliminate thoughts that make you unhappy or uncomfortable. The more happy and comfortable you become with your new desires and dreams, the easier it will be for you to achieve them.

Persist, and success will soon come knocking at your door!



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