How To Set The ‘Me-Time’ In Life?

As we move on with our lives it is clear at some point we feel we haven’t achieved anything. The programmed lives that we lead is neither enriching nor satisfying. It’s just life.

Sometimes it’s a nine to five life sometimes a part-time life and sometimes it is an ‘I am working this weekend!’ life. We have a task-ruled life where the ‘me-time’ or ‘my-time’ or ‘this-is-my-time’ is missing. It’s hard to be clear on our priorities to make way for the me-time.

Most of us do realize that this cacophony of a task ruled life has to end and a clear sense of what matters to us should be taken up. But that too isn’t an easy task.

We just cannot wake up one morning and say, ‘Yes this is my moment, and be set for life’. Sometimes life itself makes it clear to us in its long driven winding way, at other times knowing who we are and knowing what we want, naturally morphs with us over time.

spending time with friendsThose who have the ‘me-time’ or ‘my-time’ are happy, successful, at peace people.

In order to get a clear sense of what we want in life we need to be willing to spend time with ourselves on an ongoing basis.

That would mean, scheduling time for ourselves and making that as a priority in our lives.

Maybe that could be the first thing you do everyday! It could be jogging or going for a walk, watching the sunrise or just sitting silently, listening to your heartbeat and being aware of your breath going in and out.

This gives you a perspective and a regular time to work through your issues in life and take decisions. It also gives you a sense of peace for your inner being.

In order to gain your ‘me-time’ you may have to sacrifice some part of your other time. And in doing so, you need to be ruthless and selfish. Here is a simple way to get started on the path to living a life focused on your priorities.

On a piece of paper make a list of everything that you want to do for yourself – the things you feel are most important, but haven’t found the time in doing so.

Some of these could be health and well-being, catching up with friends, reviving your relationship with your family, taking up a social cause, creative pursuits, traveling to that far-off place that you yearned to go, financial freedom or simply personal growth.

Now choose five of the most significant ones and list them in order of most important. Give a rating to each of these starting from 1 to 5. 1 having least priority and 5 having the most.

There may also be some that you may rate as 0. Remember you just have to know what you want the most. Now that you have a clear perspective as to what you should be doing, this will automatically make way to how to do it.

Everyone prioritizes their life, whether they think about it in those terms or not. It’s not always possible to see the bad outcomes of our decision, but it is always reassuring to know that the decisions we have taken supporting the priorities in life, will always turn out to be good and the best.



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