How To Improve Your Concentration Skills?

concentration skillsIn today’s world of ever increasing competition, having an edge over others is more of a necessity than ever before.

One of the best ways to gain this subtle advantage is by improving your concentration skills so that you will be able to perform better in whatever you do, and thereby enjoy greater success.

Here are some tips that will tell you how exactly to improve your concentration skills:

  • Try your best to do only one thing at a time, giving that thing your complete and undivided attention when you do so. You could try this even if you are adept at multitasking, the bane of today’s existence.
  • One expert advocates looking at everything and doing everything as if you were doing it for the very first time in your life. This exercise will help you improve your innate powers of observation, and will help you see things in a new light, and also help you gain new insights into all your activities.
  • You can try this technique: write down everything that you need to do, and also write a date within which you hope to sort out the problem. This will help you greatly in dealing with what you are doing right now, at the present time, rather than worrying about problems that are yet to occur. This will help you improve your concentration skills as well.
  • My friend uses the ‘5 more’ technique. This is nothing but saying to yourself, ‘Just 5 more’ before you give up, be it reading, walking, working. This technique will help you stretch the limit of your endurance, and will gradually over a period of time help you improve your concentration, because you know that you will stretch your limits every time you take up something and when success happens your way, its taste will be sweet indeed!
  • Remember; nothing works as well as rewarding yourself for your accomplishments, no matter how small or large they may be. It would work even better if you were to think of what your reward would be for this particular project, even before you start off on it. This way, you would think about the reward and keep going no matter what, improving your concentration skills along the way.

However, nothing works better than paying attention to what is being said or done; you can try out any of the exercises recommended for improving your focus, and for retaining your attention on what is being said or done.

Don’t lose hope, and remain positive; you too will be able to improve your concentration with a little bit of patience and endurance.



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