How To Handle A Waffling Client Or Boss?

waffling bossWhat is a waffling boss or client?

Waffling bosses and clients come in all shapes and sizes.

Some bosses constantly change the requirements of the project, forcing you to continually redo your work.

Some clients are vague about what they are looking for and then they blame the worker for their inability for completing the project. Worst of all, some clients continually try to sneak extra work into the contract.

They ask for an information package without stating how large they would like this package to be. Then, after you complete your work, they ask if you can write a year’s worth of email blasts. These individuals waste time in a world where time is a precious commodity.

Handling a waffling client

Waffling clients are the easiest to handle as long as you take the steps necessary. For all projects, every detail of the project must be laid out as clearly as possible.

Do not take an assignment until you completely understand what actions you will be taking to complete this project.

Keep in mind how long it will take you to complete an assignment and be aware of how much you need to be paid in order to afford to continue working for this client.

If your client suddenly changes the terms of the contract, inform your client that this is not what you agreed to and that you will need to be compensated individually for each new job.

If your client does not like the quality of your work and asks you to rewrite it, the client is justified in asking this.

But if your client asks you for writing that is in the form of an information packet and then later changes his mind and wants an email blast, inform your client that you agreed to write an information packet.

Stick to the contract and create new contracts for new assignments. If your client refuses to write up a new contract, you have every right to end the relationship. You are better off losing the client than you are losing the time that you could spend working for a more consistent client.

Handling a Waffling Boss

Waffling bosses can be irritating and your boss’s inconsistency might cause stress, anxiety, and wasted time. Even if you are paid salary or hourly, these bosses hurt the company from which your paycheck comes from.

More so, you will have fewer accomplishments under these types of bosses. With fewer accomplishments, you will have less to use when negotiating a raise [Negotiating skills]. The best way to handle a waffling boss is to work to improve communication.

The first step you should take is to improve your articulation. If your boss does not seem receptive to questions, try to explain to him your concerns over the pace of the project.

If you are working for a large company, you might be able to wait until promotion time to move out from under this type of boss.

If the problem persists, consider looking into another company. This is especially important if you work for a small company. Your boss might actually put your job in jeopardy.



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