How Facebook Can Help Boost Self Esteem?

If you are someone who spends time and effort updating your status message with something clever, keeping in touch with friends and displaying photos on social networking sites, this is probably good for you, says new research. Social networking sites such as Facebook can be good for self esteem, say researchers.


Unlike what we had hitherto been led to believe, spending time online, and projecting a self through online profile can actually be good for the ego, says Jeffrey Hancock, an associate professor of communication at Cornell University.

While a mirror can deflate self esteem if we don’t see what we want to see there, one can present and see a more positive version of oneself on a social networking site; a positive rather than deceptive version of oneself.

Not only can we filter out the negative or unflattering aspects of ourselves, we can also get an ego boost from the positive feedback that we get from others about our posts, photos and so on.

This study is in consonance with earlier studies that indicate that the internet can help bring a person out of their shell and help those who have less social contact and psychological wellbeing.



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