How Can You Overcome Rejection By Your Family?

rejectionJohnny was a sixteen year old young boy, whose family had just shifted to this new city.

Johnny had been reluctant to leave his old city, his old school and friends, where he had been happy almost all his life until then.

Because Johnny hated this city, he refused to make friends in his new school, and as a result, nobody spoke to him either. He then hated his new life even more, and from a straight A grade student, his grades started falling, and he became a below average student.

His parents chastised him, shouted at him, abused him, advised him, counselled him, but nothing worked for Johnny; his mind was made up that he would not do well in his new life, no matter what.

His sister, in the meanwhile, did well at school, and while Johnny was busy trying to defy his parents and teachers, the little girl went about her work quietly and efficiently.

Finally, Johnny dropped out of school and today he is a runaway and a drug abuser.

Why did Johnny feel rejected? How could he have gone about his rejection; could he have handled it better?

If you have ever felt rejected by your own family, here are some tips for you on how to overcome the rejection and get on with your own life:

  • Believe in yourself, no matter what anyone else may tell you. Maintain your faith in yourself, follow your heart in whatever it is you want to do, and let no one convince you otherwise.
  • Have a perfectly clear vision of what you are doing, and where you are headed; it makes no sense for your family to reject you, and for you to prove that they were right in rejecting you. Prove your worth by following your vision and fulfilling it.
  • I know that when your family rejects you, your first instinct would be to hate them for doing this to you. The thing is: don’t hate them back. Hate slows down recovery, and if you spend your energy in hating your family, you are in essence hurting yourself as well. Instead, concentrate on your new goals and visions, and put in all your energy into achieving them, so that you can show your family what you are worth.
  • Don’t reject yourself. Love yourself instead, and carry yourself forward into success.

Don’t give up; success may be just around the corner.



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