Helping Yourself To Deal With Grief

griefGrief can be defined as the state of negative psychological distress after the death of a loved one, be it family or friend.

The only thing one can do to overcome grief is to look for constructive means to get over this state; otherwise this will lead to physical and mental damage.

There are actually five different phases of grief, which are, refusal, rage, bargaining, dejection and acquiescence. Being able to recognise these symptoms will help you overcome the various stages of grief.

You may try to overcome grief positively by turning to spiritual guidance to improve spiritual strength, either by a church representative or a psychologist as well as a spiritual group.

Some people prefer to keep a momentary distance from the events and other people in order to take time to think over the person they have lost. Both of these methods can help, though it is important not to hurt yourself or the others around you, for they too will need support or can support you in your grief.

Group therapy can be of great help, for here you will find that other people suffer from similar grief as you, and their experiences will help you feel you are supported by others who suffer just as much as you do. They may also be able to give you some ideas as how to handle your grief.

Keeping yourself occupied will help you to forget too, keep busy with creative projects, journals and other methods; if your mind is kept productive it will wander less towards sad memories.

Do not neglect your eating, keep exercising and consume a well balanced healthy diet, for if your body suffers from deficiencies your mind will also suffer, as will your overall health.



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