Are You a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

Are you unsatisfied with your appearance? If so, you’re not alone. Nearly all of us have things we’d change about our appearance, and some of us have considered cosmetic surgery as a way to improve our looks. However, plastic surgery procedures, and the people who choose to have them, often have a bad reputation.

Many people consider surgeries to enhance appearance to be unnecessary or extreme, and others worry about the stigma and risks associated with these procedures. But, what most people don’t know is that opting for cosmetic procedures can significantly improve not only appearance, but self-confidence and quality of life. Keep reading to learn more about common cosmetic procedures, including help in determining if cosmetic surgery right for you.

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 Cosmetic Procedures: Are You a Good Candidate?

In determining your candidacy for cosmetic surgery, your physical health is the first, most important, factor to consider. For individuals in reasonably good health, most procedures are considered safe. However, if you suffer from one or more chronic health conditions, or are taking daily medications of any kind, speak to a doctor about the risks associated with anesthesia and other aspects of surgery.

Also, discussing your lifestyle habits with a doctor is recommended. For example, disclosing whether or not you smoke, drink or use recreational drugs is essential to a healthy procedure and quick recovery.

Secondly, your expectations play a crucial role in your candidacy for cosmetic surgery. When consulting with a surgeon, he or she may ask what results you expect from surgery, as well as make inquiries as to why you are choosing a particular procedure.

For example, healthy expectations may involve a desire to look and feel one’s best or enhance one’s natural beauty and self-esteem. On the reverse side of the coin, unhealthy expectations may resemble those listed below:

  • The desire to look like someone else, entirely (e.g., like a celebrity or public figure).
  • The expectation that surgery will completely change one’s life for the better.
  • Opting for multiple or repeat procedures, which may indicate body dysmoprhic disorder or other psychological illness.

What Are Some Common Procedures?

Although the procedure you choose should reflect your own needs and desires, a few of the most common include the following:


Facelift surgery is designed to restore a more youthful, radiant appearance. It is performed by removing excess facial skin, which results in reduced lines and wrinkles, as well as a tightened, contoured profile. With a facelift procedure, patients can expect a significant decrease in sagging skin, as well as fewer wrinkles and an overall improved appearance.


Also known as a “nose job,” rhinoplasty is designed to improve the structure and appearance of the nose. And although these procedures are often performed for cosmetic purposes, they can also be effective in cases of a broken nose, a deviated septum, or other health complication.

Breast procedures

There are two major types of breast-enhancing procedures: breast lifts and breast augmentations. During a breast lift, the skin of the breasts is lifted and tightened, resulting in a firmer, fuller bust. In augmentations, implants are used to create symmetry, firmness and fullness.

Body contouring

By reducing fat, cellulite and excess skin, body contouring procedures result in a sleeker, more sculpted silhouette. Common contouring procedures include liposuction, tummy tucks and post-weight loss surgery.

In the end, electing to undergo cosmetic surgery is an important decision, and one that requires a lot of thought. However, you should know that, in the right candidates, the decision to have a cosmetic procedure can be a smart, and even healthy, choice. With the boosts it can provide to your appearance and self-esteem, cosmetic surgery can significantly enhance your well-being and quality of life.

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