Effective Ways To Cope Up With Exam Anxiety!

Exam anxietyAlmost every one of you feels anxious and experience nervousness before attending any exam.

Those worrying thoughts and feeling of butterflies in stomach is quite common for every student.

In fact, certain kind of tension and nervousness can possibly help you to perform the best from your own capability.

But, too much anxiousness can obstruct your thoughts and builds a negative frame in your mind and leads to panic and potentially poor performance in exams.

In these cases, it becomes very important for you to attend those symptoms of panic and nervousness and also to find all possible ways in order to cope up effectively, so that you can do well in your exams.

How to cope up with exam anxiety?

Better preparation can help you a lot!

Preparing well for your exam can be the best way to reduce your exam anxiety. Try to complete your syllabus earlier and start revising your entire term’s work, much before your exam date.

If you try to grasp the whole term’s work within few days or hours, then it can obviously make you to feel anxious about your exam.

If your work load seems to be excessive, don’t panic! Try to set sensible and practical targets and learn the core concepts of your subject well. Concentrating more on the core part of your subject can help you to present the answer in a brief way.

So, a well structured, clear and concise answer which can actually address the given question is usually preferred, rather than a rambled answer with too many unrelated ideas.
Change the way you think about your exams!

Many of you can have a fear of your exams, because you treat them with utmost importance in your life. So, try to change your way of thinking and try to develop an attitude that these examinations or term tests are only a part of your overall learning and also assessment of your skills.

Always remember that apart from presenting your knowledge by writing an exam, you can also have many other chances or ways to prove your knowledge and skills.

Never ignore the basics!

The pressure of your test time can make you to neglect yourselves as a complete human being with all emotional, biological and social needs. So, try to look after yourselves and ensure that you are physically well.

Eat well by proceeding with your usual exercise activities. Be careful! Don’t take too much caffeine or alcohol and even high calorie diet.

Try to follow these simple guidelines if you are feeling really anxious about your exams. Never try to encourage yourself to think in a negative manner like ‘my life will be ruined if I don’t get ‘A’ grade or my parents won’t like me if I fail.’ Try to develop positive attitude and get a bright future in your respective field by employing necessary effort and hard work.



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