Do What You Are Good At?

talentUnless your talent has absolutely no marketability, stick with what you are the best at.

Sure, it is a good idea to build some fall-back skills. But the secret to job security and success is to master something.

Given the troubling economic times, many of us might feel that our skills aren’t in demand. Fads might come and go, but as long as your skills are not obsolete, you will always be able to find clients willing to pay well for your skills. Just be sure to deliver.

The key is knowing yourself

You must take the time to get to know yourself. This might seem nearly impossible when there is work to do and bills to pay, but you will never truly know what path you should take in the first place until you know who you are.

You might be ill-suited for the career path that you are currently on and there might be a far better for your career that you are simply missing. Do not let your talents slip out of your grasp.

Discover your strengths and then figure out how to utilize them in a way that will bring you success.

Discover your talents

Pay attention to what you are interested in. The things you are interested in might be the things that you will have a great success in. Also, if you are interested in something, you will have an easier time staying motivated.

Explore life and experiment with as many things as possible early on in your life. Many times, you never know what you will truly enjoy until you try it. Also, pay close attention to what others say about you.

If you notice that many people comment on your communication skills, try to determine which careers need workers with good communication skills (there are a lot).


Once you have discovered what you might be good at, you must go through what is called “the dip.” The dip is the long period of time when you must train your skill to near-perfection. This arduous journey is time-consuming and you might find it difficult to make money during this period.

This is the point where many people give up on the skill that they are practicing. The tricky part is that many people are actually right for giving up.

There are times when you will simply never master a particular skill. The key is to know when you are actually making progress and when you are simply repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Realize when it’s easy

Eventually at some point, you will begin to realize that one particular skill is easy. This is a fantastic milestone. Now it is time to take your skill to the market.

Be prepared for some self-promotion. Also, remember that this skill comes easily to you. Keeping this in mind will help you fight off procrastination and utilize your skill to the best of its ability.



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