Do These 8 Patterns of Limited Thinking Apply To You?

thinkingThe way you think has the ability to turn your deepest desires into reality or, alternatively, keep you chained to mediocrity.

This article looks at eight patterns of limited thinking [positive thinking].

Breaking these patterns of limited, habitual thought will free you to realize your full potential in life.

1. Over generalization

This pattern is characterized by broad, general conclusions based on a single incident or piece of evidence.

Over generalization often takes the form of absolute statements and uses words such as all, every, none, never, always, everybody and nobody.

For example, if you read too many personal development articles you may believe all television is a waste of time.

You can stop thinking in absolutes by using words such as may, sometimes, most and often. Saying some, or even most, television is a waste of time is far easier to take seriously than simply saying all of it is.

2. Polarized Thinking

This is black-and-white thinking, with no room for shades of gray. People and things become either good or bad, smart or stupid, brave or cowardly.

Fight the urge to make black-and-white judgments by accepting people and things are too complex to be reduced to “either/ or” judgments. This is especially important in regards to judging yourself. Allow yourself some room to make mistakes without automatically labeling yourself a failure.

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