Dealing With The Embarassment Of Blushing

blushingBlushing is a perfectly natural reaction some people have when they are in an embarrassing situation.

Generally people who blush find it hard to hide their true feelings, thus exposing themselves to the truth with regards to situations and people they are involved in.

The nuisance of blushing is that once you feel the blood rise to your face, this renders you even more embarrassed, thus aggravating the blushing.

However you can teach yourself to fight back this rising of the blood to your face, by trying to drop your shoulders in a relaxed position and push your abdomen outwards, with a little practice you will find it works rather effectively.

Another technique that may help you blush less is by announcing out loud when you are about to blush, the fact that you are not trying to hide it will not aggravate the blushing.

If you are able to relax and control your blushing by not being embarrassed by it, on the contrary by actually taking a liking to it, it will probably disappear.

To help you relax and control your embarrassment you may try out self-hypnosis, and teach your body to relax during those moments when you feel you may blush.

Try and wonder how you might feel for someone who suffers from blushing as you do, and try and feel for yourself, as you would do for them. With practice this technique will help you control your bouts of blushing.



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