Coffee Drinker? 5 Reasons To Switch To Tea!

So many of us get out of bed, zombie like and seemingly unable to function normally until that first refreshing beverage hits the stomach and helps us kick start a new day.

coffee drinkerOver time we find that we develop a dependence on certain beverages for the way they refresh us, awaken us, and make us more alert and able to perform.

While coffee drinkers will swear that nothing kick starts their day like their morning cup, tea drinkers will be able to make a similar and equal assertion. However there are reasons why tea could be better for you than coffee.

Consider these 5 reasons to switch to tea (if possible):

1. The caffeine content of coffee is known to be higher than tea; coffee having as much as doubled that of tea. Excessive caffeine intake is known to interfere with sleep, increase heart rate and blood sugar levels and act as a diuretic.

Also one can develop caffeine dependency so that withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, sleepiness and flu like symptoms could be seen if one cannot get their daily dose.

2. There are more anti oxidants in tea than coffee. These anti oxidants are associated with numerous health benefits such as a healthier heart, cancer fighting properties, fighting free radicals and so on. In particular, green tea is known to be associated with a host of other benefits such as facilitating or at least helping with weight loss, keeping wrinkles and other signs of aging at bay and so on.

3. A compound called Theanine found in tea can help you feel alert and refreshed but has none of the unpleasant side effects that caffeine can have. Excessive caffeine can make you jittery and cause other unwanted side effects.

4. Tea can be more versatile. You can flavor your tea with lemon, ginger, honey and a host of other flavors making it possible to have a lot of yummy variations to your cup of tea. This is less possible with coffee. Also you can infuse your tea with a number of other herbs many of which may have health giving and curative properties. Further the fact that there is black tea, green tea, white tea and oolong tea also offers tea drinkers a wide choice to choose from.

5. Tea has other uses as well as tea can be natural antiseptic, used tea bags could help reduce swelling of the eyes, and used tea leaves can even become effective fertilizer for your plants.

If you’re new to tea, you should consider trying out Buddha Teas, as they are a great introduction to the world of tea. First, they offer a rich and diverse variety of flavors. Don’t like Green Tea? That’s fine, because there are leaf, flower, berry, bark, seed, and root teas available. They also offer a caffeine free brand of tea, which makes Buddha Tea an excellent choice if you’re slowly trying to eliminate caffeine from your diet. Arguably the most important benefit of this tea is they feature a unique variety of vitamins and nutrients that aid with a vast amount of health issues, ensuring a long and healthy life.



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