Are You In Therapy? Tips To Make The Most Of Your Therapy Sessions

writing journalIf you are in therapy, you have already taken charge of your life and taken that one first important step towards making right what is wrong in your life.

Psychology Today put together a list of tips to get the best out of your therapy sessions; here they are in brief:

  • Arrive early to collect your thoughts and prepare for your session, let the therapist be in charge of wrapping up. Don’t watch the clock.
  • If you are learning anything in therapy, apply it to your life. Between sessions, reflect on what you’d like to explore next.
  • Make a journal to record your thoughts, if required bring it to your therapy sessions.
  • Finish of the logistics first (cheque writing, payment, insurance etc).
  • If you have issues regarding your relationships with your therapist (dreams, anger, opinions) discuss them.
  • Ask anything; nothing should be taboo with your therapist. Don’t be afraid of sounding like a three year old in the bargain. If you don’t understand the therapy jargon, ask about that as well.
  • Consider and assess how your therapy is going and whether you are making the kind of progress you would like.
  • Try new things in therapy: rehearse confrontation, asking out a person, being assertive, etc


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