Are You A Child Of Divorce? Are You Aware Of The Incredible Support And Self Help Groups For Your Situation?

depressed teenMany of us are the victims of a childhood divorce and there are very few of us that had a decent experience while watching our parents go through this tumultuous time period.

Many people think being the victim of a divorce is just something we need to deal with. That being the child of a divorce is just something we need to forget about, repress our memories and move on. In fact this is not true at all.

There are hundreds of resources for children of divorce across the world. The main resource would be to seek the help and guidance of a professional counselor.

If this is not an option for you there are many other ways you can deal with the pain and resentment of the experience you were put through during your formative years.

The main thing children of divorce have to deal with is sorting out in their mind all the fights they were exposed to. Each time we were exposed to our parents’ fighting it changed us a little bit and molded who we would become someday.

If you think about it most of us either tried really hard to be just like our parents or tried our darndest to be as far away as possible from what our parents were. This tactic usually backfires in fact in most cases we become just like our parents in our effort to not be anything like them at all.

When we are in healthy relationships later in life or even when we are in our marriage we hope to take certain things we learned as a child and emulate them and we want to take certain things we experienced and never do those things. This is very difficult to do when those behaviors were all you knew and all you experienced.

Even if we didn’t actually see or hear our parents fighting we were exposed to the tension that was apparent and very much present in our home.

This is not a normal life or home this is a tense home where all members of the family walk on pins and needles and these situations affect children when they are adults just as much as if not more than the outright bickering.

Point being, as a child of divorce you are right in seeking professional help to deal with the issues you went through during your childhood.



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