A Different Perspective On Problem Solving

goalWhen you are faced with a problem, remember that the problem you are facing can help you grow stronger.

Just as physical exercise helps your body grow stronger, solving problems can help your mind grow stronger.

Your ultimate goal when solving a problem should not be just finding a quick answer, or even a perfect answer.

Your ultimate goal should be to work through the problem solving process, and develop your problem solving abilities.

The activities you perform to arrive at the problem are what help you and your mind grow. If you view the problem solving process as valuable, you are more likely to feel empowered and accomplished, regardless of how the situation ultimately resolves itself.

Similarly, in attempting to solve one problem, you develop abilities and skills that will serve you well when you are faced with other problem situations. You can also be confident that you can solve a similar problem should it arise, or that if your current solution begins to falter, you can find a new workable solution.

This only works, however, if you value the problem solving process. Any result you work to achieve makes you feel more accomplished, and builds your problem solving abilities.

When you are faced with a problem, view it not just as an obstacle to overcome. View it as an opportunity to develop some mental muscle.



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