9 Ways To Boost Your Mood

All of us have times when we just seem to be in a bad mood with the world in general.

Print out this list, or write your favorite ways on a big bit of paper, and stick it to the wall – and promise yourself that next time you want to kick the cat, yell at your neighbor and phone up your mom to whinge, you’ll try something from the list first.

1. Buy some candy that you loved as a kid

It never fails to put a smile on your face. Head to the nearest corner shop and grab some candy, just make sure it’s one of your childhood favorites.

2. Take a shower or bath

Sometimes, just a simple act of caring for yourself – like grooming – is enough to snap you out of a bad mood.

It also has the advantage of taking you away from any innocent bystanders (family members/house mates) who might otherwise get the brunt of your bad mood.

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